Housing & Finances

Graduate school is often referred to as a “balancing act”. On top of studying, researching, and teaching, graduate students have a number of other responsibilities and commitments outside the university. Managing finances, time, and everyday life challenges—such as locating housing—may often require additional support and resources.

Graduate students can learn more about managing their finances, scholarships and bursaries, financial assistance, and housing opportunities by connecting with the following campus partners.

School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

  • Fees & tuition
  • Western funding
  • External funding
  • Financial assistance

Office of the Registrar

  • OSAP & government loans
  • Scholarships & awards
  • Bursaries & work study
  • Financial counselling

Off-Campus Housing Services

  • Off-Campus rental listing
  • Housing mediation services
  • Off-Campus Advisors
  • Checklists & other resources

PSAC 610 (Teaching Assistant Benefits)

  • Mental Health Fund
  • Financial Assistance Fund
  • Food Support Fund
  • Summer Assistance Program